Breakfast Products


With 1 Liter FRUITA VITALS [PACK OF 5] OR 1 Carton- 200ml [PACK OF 24], the Customer will receive a Scratch Card. The Scratch Card will be carrying one of the following gifts.

A. 2 x 200ml Packs     B. Caps     C. String Bags     D. Polo Shirt     E. Match Tickets

There WILL be a gift in every scratch card.

Want to enjoy a regal breakfast, stay healthy and fit? Get fresh products from eggs to bread without having to step out. You no longer need to walk to the neighborhood store in your pajamas. Stock up for a couple of days by ordering from TazaMart and get the best bread, cereals, eggs, cheese, butter or buns. And we assure you that you will get products that won’t go stale within a few hours or even days.

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